Hey babe,

We heard you want some help with your skin? We got you! Do us a favor- don’t forget that you’re cute AF even if your skin’s not perfect. Now let’s dive into these skin quiz results!

Your skin is normal but don't let that fool you! Even normal skin can get dehydrated easily. Drink enough water & make sure you're using a moisturizer that is right for your skin.

It looks like you’ve figured out one of the most important facts of liiiife: balance! Well at least in your diet:) And that will really pay off as you age. Less processed foods & sugar = less break down of collagen. Give us ALL the broccoli!

As far as water intake goes, you go girl! Great job staying hydrated & if you want to try switching it up, start infusing your water with mint, basil, cucumber, or berries. They all have amazing benefits for the skin and also... YUM!

Looks like you're a sun lover, babe. We're right there with you! Keep in mind that unprotected skin, when exposed to the rays of the sun, can cause enlarged pores, discoloration, darker patches, and sun damage that you won't see for a few years. So pick up some sunscreen, one of those stylish big floppy beach hats & pour yourself a pina colada 😊

Big pores aren’t the end of the world, but we know sometimes it feels like it 😭  Here are a few tips: try doing a dry clay mask only on the oily areas 3-4 times a week, leaving it off the rest of your face. That way you won’t get dehydrated areas AND your pores will be less visible. Also, make sure you’re using makeup that still allows your skin to detox throughout the day, not clogging up the pores- making them look bigger and bigger. Lastly, toner! Don’t you dare skip that step!!! We promise it’ll make all the difference.

Sounds like breakouts don’t phase you. We wish we were more like you, babe. 😭 Keep up the chill vibes.

Hydrated skin is the best feeling ever- and you would know. Your skin sounds happy and hydrated, so keep it up! Want even more hydration locked in those precious skin cells? Mix your serum and moisturizer together in your hands before applying. Instead of separately, make it one step. Same amount of product and oils delivered to the skin, but together they make a moisturizing powerhouse. Plus... less serum can be used, and more money can be saved!

Stinging from your toner? Yeah we know that feeling- like “OMG this must be working because it stings!” Truth is, extreme stinging is a sign of two possible things: you could be using the wrong toner (alcohol based toners are a big fat no no!), and it could be that your skin is super dehydrated, even though your T-zone is oily. Stick to a more gentle astringent toner & don’t skip on the hydration tips!

Breakouts and acne are such a tricky situation because they could be caused by like EVERYTHING. Diet, stress, water consumption, smoking, sun exposure, lack of sleep, period, getting in a fight with your bff... everything matters! Try keeping a skin journal and track what’s going on in your life when you break out. That way you can get to the root of it & make a conscious effort to put that shi* on lock down!

We’re almost done babe, but just wanted to leave you with a few last reminders:

1. Thank you so much for spending the last few minutes with us! Hope it was as good for you as it was for us;)

2. Want more skin tips, life advice, and encouragement to cut all things toxic out of your life?

3. No matter your skin type or concerns, EVERY face needs a consistent daily routine for the best possible glow: cleansertonerserum, and moisturizer. There’s just no way around a daily skincare routine!

4. Don’t be a stranger, babe. Tag us in your selfies, share the skin tips you learned today, send this skin quiz to your bff, and help spread the skinfo love all around!  

Let’s glow girls!

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